At the discovery of yourself

What if you’ve been deceived since childhood, and there is much more to discover within yourself?

What if there’s an entire hidden world in you beyond what you are taught to believe?

What if you could find a way out of this deception at any age and in any physical condition and drastically improve both your health and your relationships?

Sara Chessa is a professional Ancient Yoga Teacher initiated into techniques from the Babaji lineage. As an Inner Scholar with more than twenty years of research, she will guide you to expand the potential of your senses and discover what the real pleasure is. She will also introduce you to the way to realise Unity within yourself and with others.

Federico Milanesi is a professional Ancient Yoga Teacher who has been practising Inner Sciences for almost 40 years. He received the Kesa (Buddhist Monks’ dress) thirteen years ago and he has been initiated into techniques from the Babaji lineage. Under his guidance, you will learn how to use your will correctly, get in touch with the Ancient Knowledge, and learn how to overcome conflicts.

Together, they will conduct you towards the dominion over thoughts and emotions, regaining mastery over your destiny.

We won’t teach you something to believe in, but the way to realise the truths of life within you. In this way, you will progressively attain the skills to achieve true inner freedom and an authentic state of pleantiness.  In our Centre, there are no dogmas, no authorithies to bow to, no precepts to be observed. Everyone is welcome, regardless of personal beliefs or religion. This kind of inner enquiry coexists with all kinds of beliefs and needs no requirements.

Every Tuesday (7 PM/8:30 PM) at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT (Studio 9). Comfortable clothing or tracksuit required. Only barefoot. First lesson free. 

Please call Sara: 0778 747 5740