Who We Are

Sara Chessa is a spiritual development scholar with over 20 years of experience.

Still very young, she starts perceiving that reality is not limited to the material world and develops an interest in the Inner Sciences, ancient Yoga, and the Occult, intended as the reign of the invisible causes of visible phenomena. She deepens her knowledge and practice of the European magical tradition, as well as pantheistic and neo-pagan approaches to the search for the divine. After years of solitary study of the Eastern and Western religions, in pursuit of the spiritual knowledge hidden behind all of them, in 2004, Sara meets masters Andrea Di Terlizzi and Antonella Spotti.

This fundamental encounter profoundly changes Sara’s life by introducing her to the Sphera Method and a true spiritual development path founded on the inner realisation of principles and not simply on the intellectual study. She was initiated into the techniques from the Babaji Lineage in 2014. Moving to London in 2016, she committed to sharing all the precious insight received so far through the Sphera Method with every individual sincerely interested in the search for Truth.

Federico Milanesi started his inner research journey in 1983, exploring the major western traditions.
After many years of fruitless research and studying, he came across Master Andrea Di Terlizzi. With him first, and then with Master Antonella Spotti, he began a proper deepening of the Inner and Spiritual path through the practice and comprehension of the ancient traditions.
Since 1994, he delved into the study and practice of martial arts, Buddhism prayer and meditation, Hindu and Tibetan spirituality, Shivaism, and Yoga (intended as the Yoga of the Origins, which comprehends the science of breathing and the secrets of energy).
He was initiated into the techniques from the Babaji Lineage in 1994.
He also practised Zen, Sufi teachings, and ancient techniques from the Christianity of the origins, besides deepening the insight and the principles of the western paths of Hermeticism, Alchemy, gematria, astrology, and Kabbalah.

In 2008 he received the Kesa (Buddhist monk dress).

Being a musician, he also went deep into the science of sound and the potentiality of the vibration as a principle, and the applications that they may have in our lives.